A long overdue update.


Hey all…  two or three of you unique visitors. It’s been awhile. So uh, to make things short, for your reading pleasure – not because I’m lazy – I’ve scrapped the last story I was writing.

I chose to do this because I couldn’t decide which direction I wanted to take it. Originally it was supposed to be about the mental effects of a genuinely good guy accidentally killing a kid and being painted as an evil racist cop. Then I had this idea of him actually being a bad guy along with his partner and them trying to hide all their dirty cop antics. A task made more difficult as the main character faced IA investigations and media coverage. It was during my exploring of that idea that I felt my original message had been lost and I was a little demotivated from restarting as I had started down the path of writing for the bad guy angle. Just looking back at it I could tell this weird hybrid thing I was trying to make happen was just a worse version of either of the two ideas. So that’s why I killed it. It’s dead. I’ll likely explore one, or both of the original ideas again at a later time – which at the rate I’m going will be when I’m on my deathbed. Wow, too many death references for just three sentences!

Moving on. It’s taken me so long to start writing again simply because of laziness. That combined with me graduating, trying to find a job, and doing nothing, writing fell to the wayside. I’ve now found myself in an interesting time in my life where not a lot is happening. It’s both kinda neat and kinda terrible at the same time. While it is nice to have all this free time, it is also kind of demotivating. So, uh, if anyone has any leads on some jobs that might be a good fit for a guy with a Supply Chain Management degree, feel free to let me know.

Anyways, I’ve mostly wasted all this time I’ve had, and I’m getting pretty bored with that. In this agonizing monotony, I’ve had more than a few story ideas float around in this empty head of mine, and one of them has finally stuck. It’s pretty rough so far, but I’m putting in some “work” to flesh it out further and even doing a bit of research.

“But wait,” I can hear you say to yourself already, “this guy said just one post before this that he didn’t want to do any research because writing was just a fun thing.” I know it looks like I’m flip-flopping like a politician out of water over here, but what you have to remember is that the post before this was published roughly nine months ago. Woah, right? Time flies. And in that time I’ve become so bored that I’m willing to do research. Mind you I use that term lightly. What I mean when I say research is that I have some other works and themes that I would like to have my own take on. So, can that really be called research if I’m just reading other books? Yes. Yes, because that’s what I’m calling it regardless of whatever you may think.

In a nutshell, I think I’ve covered everything I need to. Running it back real quick: old story dead, need job, and new story is brewing in my brain. All that being said, I’m also going to include what will be, or so I imagine will be, the preface to my next story. This is just a rough draft I threw together today. What I hope this preface will accomplish is a quick history of the world my story takes place in. That’s it.

Without further ado, I present the preface for what I’m calling – for now – The Eternal King. Enjoy.

Or don’t.


            Gather round, one and all; settle in and prepare yourselves to hear a wondrous tale. A tale that spans beyond our lifetime and whom ending has not yet been foretold. A tale concerning our people’s very creation, preservation, and prosperity. A tale that predates written history, and has been passed down for many generations by word of mouth, just as I am telling it to you tonight. I am indeed referring to the tale our Eternal King, whose true name has been lost to time.

            The sad reality of mankind’s beginnings are thus: man was created by and enslaved to the gods of this world, forced to labor endlessly in accordance to their machinations. These treacherous times became later referred to by man as the Devoid Centuries – simply named as we were devoid of good, of happiness, of hope… of everything. Monuments to these wretched gods can still be found scattered across the lands, hardened and weathered reminders of the cruelty we were wrested from so long ago.

            Born unto man was a child containing all that was lacking – happiness, hope, love, and most importantly: courage. His existence went unnoticed by the gods and their minions, races of monstrous creatures tasked with enacting the will of the gods. It was not long, however, that the beasts watching over man took notice of these strange new emotions appearing on the faces of the men and women. Not knowing how to deal with the foreign influences, they sought guidance from the gods themselves, who, in their arrogance ignored the beasts’ calls for help. So the beasts did nothing.

            The child grew into a man, and so did mankind’s faith in Him grow. He had given them something precious, He had taught them new emotions that gave meaning to their lives. In private, they elected Him their new leader, and agreed to no longer serve the unjust gods who created them. In taking upon His new role as leader of mankind, He swore to give His life in servitude to them, and to cast out the gods and their beasts from this world.

            Inspired by His words, every man and woman took up arms against the wretched beasts, striking while they slept. Many men died, but the humans so vastly outnumbered the beasts that they were easily defeated. The men and women were content to slay every creature, and be done with the fighting, but their King ordered them to spare one. It was this sole beast that He sent to the gods to tell them of what transpired, and to challenge them to battle.

            “Oh Great King, to war against gods, surely that is beyond us,” cried the surviving men and women. To which He did reply: “Fear not, my beloved people, for this is a war that I alone will wage.” Ignoring their protests, He commanded them only to forge Him a blade, knowing that their laboring tools would not be enough to slay the gods. And so they did. The women gathered hide from the slain creatures to tan into leather, and the men mined precious metals from the mountains and forged the blade itself. Every remaining man and woman took part in its creation. The weapon was presented to their King and He found it to His liking.

            Blade in hand, He left His people for the center of the very same continent we live on to this day. However, it was much different back then; in His time it was completely flat and barren, save for the mountains that marked one edge of the world and the vast emptiness that marked the other. It was in the center that He did find but one god awaiting His summons. In their arrogance, the gods did not believe the tale the surviving beast had told them. Surely no one man could inspire such an uprising from their very own creation. Surely, no one man could hope to defeat the gods, let alone one of them.

            Surely it was, that the King did strike down the god that awaited Him. Their battle spanned the entirety of the continent, where the King was finally able to cast out the god into the emptiness. In its last attempt to survive, the god grabbed the edge of the world as he fell, shifting the land entirely upon itself. This formed the world into its spherical form as we know it, and so the god did lose its grip and fell into the surrounding emptiness. His people did bear witness to this, and they saw the god’s defeated body rise and fall away from their world, and they called it the moon.

            When the gods saw that the first god did not return, they sent another to investigate; another who would not return. And so they sent another, blinded by their arrogance. And so the sun and the stars were formed from their defeated bodies. One by one the gods continued to march to their death. Their bodies spilling forth the waters that make up the oceans, the seeds that fertilized the land, and the lava that filled the empty core of the world. One by one their names carved into His blade, which came to be known as the slayer of gods.

            And so it became that only one god did remain. The final god approached the Great King, not to fight, but to make an offering. “You who have slain my companions, spare me. In return, I will grant you the knowledge of the gods’ immortality.” The Great King agreed to lay down His blade and listen. On that day, the slayer of gods slew no more. The last of the gods was banished from our world, never to be seen again, and the Great King’s soul gained immorality. So became the Eternal King.

            In His remaining years of life, the Eternal King led His people to create Immortua, the very city we inhabit today. He also founded the church which acts as the ruling entity in His absence. With His dying words He told the leaders of the church how to conduct Hearing rituals which would allow them to contact Him. His last words were a promise to return should His people need Him to deliver them from evil once more.

            Since His first death, only two Hearing rituals have been conducted. Fortunately for all of us, evil has not sprung its head up again, and man has prospered under rule of the church ever since. So ends what we know of the tale of the Eternal King. We are fortunate to be living to witness the next chapter of this tale. We all know that, though. It’s likely the very reason so many of you have gathered here tonight. It is indeed the eve of the third Hearing ritual, and we are all eagerly awaiting what our Eternal King has to say to all of His loyal peoples.

– Tale of the Eternal King, as told by a bard employed by Eternal Pint Tavern of Immortua on the eve of the third Hearing ritual.  



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